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Many clones of the original UK Cheese were given out to travelers as gifts

This was a one of a kind smell that could only be described as a mix of fresh berries and cheddar cheese

The particular batch of UK Cheese that we had was very sticky, to the point where it was a chore to break it up with our fingers.


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UK Cheese is a very unique strain tasting of cheese and sour berries. Upon exhale, you may even notice a slight flavor of supermarket cheese puffs. Though it sounds pretty strange, it’s a one-of-a-kind flavor that you can’t find anywhere else. Besides its taste, U.K. Cheese offers its users a relaxing and euphoric high that can help with creating all the while.

UK Cheese, also known as Exodus Cheese, is a pungent, cheesy hybrid strain well known for its intense flavor and smell, as well as its potent effects.

Though it might seem alarming to have marijuana known as ‘Cheese’ to those who have not had the chance to experience it, it is remarkably delicious, as well as incredibly powerful.

With an exciting cultivation history and surprisingly powerful effects, UK Cheese is a much-loved strain even outside of the UK.

Let’s take a look at this oddly cheesy strain, both through its flavor profile and its effects.

UK Cheese Cannabis Aroma, Flavor and Aрреаrаnсе

It has an attractive appearance in that its buds don’t necessarily conform to the standard presentation of marijuana buds. UK Cheese tends to create these huge, fluffy buds which grow almost cylindrically, making it seem more like some kind of sci-fi, otherworldly flower than a normal marijuana bud. If you were utterly devoid of smell and taste, it would still be interesting just to look at.

However, assuming you are an average person with the regular five senses, the most exciting aspect of UK Cheese is its cheesy smell and taste.

The initial pungency is immediately noticeable, smelling like an odd combination of aged cheddar and a ripe blue cheese at the same time. Once you start playing around with the buds, you will then start getting a strangely earthy, almost skunk-like aroma.

The flavor doesn’t match this; though there is that initial hit of extreme cheesiness, the overwhelming taste sensation is one of an almost cheesy berry, if that can be imagined. It also possesses a certain sour quality that seems incongruent with the actual flavor and aroma of the bud.

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The exhale might cause some sharpness, not too dissimilar from eating an overly tart berry. Afterward, you will notice an aftertaste that will eerily remind you of those somewhat cheap supermarket cheese crisps.

Though this all might sound extremely unpleasant, the whole experience is remarkably enjoyable, offering a unique blend of different flavors that can’t be found anywhere else.

One thing for sure is that you will know when you get your hands on some UK Cheese – the smell is unmistakable once you know what to look for.

If you decide that this all sounds like the perfect strain for you, you might be interested in growing some yourself. So, how do you go about growing your own UK Cheese?


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