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I found the NYC Diesel strain to produce an energetic high that would be great for exploring a city or getting active in any way.

The genetics of the NYC Diesel strain are believed to be a Sativa-dominant mix of Sour Diesel, Afghani, and Hawaiian


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The NYC Diesel strain originates from none other than the Big Apple itself. It is an indica-leaning hybrid and boasts THC levels of around 20%. NYC Diesel is a great strain for social anxiety, stress, energy, and enthusiasm – so it couldn’t be any more perfect of a strain for the city that never sleeps.

What is NYC Diesel Weed?

Bred by the talented folks at Soma Sacred Seeds (who are known mostly for their Amnesia Haze and Lavender phenotypes), the NYC diesel strain comes to you straight from the Big Apple itself! This tasty sativa-dominant strain packs a host of medicinal properties, and provides one kick-ass wake and bake high that any cannabis lover will adore.

Think about it – what exactly do you think you’d get if you combined the legendary Sour Diesel strain with Mexican and Afghani landraces? Well, you’d get a nine-time Cannabis Cup winner that not only boasts a powerful high, but can also help provide relief for a host of medical conditions.

Rumor has it that Soma Seeds was first approached by a friend in the Big Apple, claiming that he beheld a seed that was the best he had ever grown. Intrigued by the bold claims, Soma Seeds germinated a couple, and low and behold, their pal wasn’t exaggerating!

Like any excellent sativa bud, the NYC Diesel strain offers an effective boost of energy, focus, and overall positivity. For these reasons, the strain can serve as an excellent option for getting things done, as well as combating a range of mental health-related conditions.

Also, with a THC level between 15-20%, this is a pretty powerful contender in terms of potency and should be approached with care — especially for those who are new to weed! Oh, and did we mention that NYC Diesel won first place in the IC 420 Growers Cup (in both 2008 and 2014), as well as a variety of silver and bronze medals over the years? Well, it did.

Anyway, let’s continue exploring the properties of the delightfully unique NYC diesel strain – including its effects, cannabinoid profile, aesthetic appearance, and why it’s not exactly the easiest marijuana plant in the world to grow.

NYC Diesel Flavor, Aroma, Appearance

It’s all about the citrus with NYC Diesel weed, as the plant boasts a pungent array of spicy and zesty notes that will undoubtedly fill any space within minutes. Aside from the pungent smell, NYC Diesel is also a show-stopping bud in terms of looks with its vibrant hues.

In fact, enter the room with a good NYC Diesel strain, and you’ll be hit with a strong chemical smell underlined with a sharp citrus note that lingers for a while after smoking. Upon lighting your bud, you will pick up on delicious hints of lime and grapefruit which fill the air and make it a real sensory treat.

NYC Diesel has a wonderful appearance, with the buds containing hues of purple, blue and yellow — all in one! The olive green flowers are usually coated in vibrant orange trichomes, which make for a beautiful crystal coating of stickiness.

Futher Details About NYC Diesel Strain

Upon inhalation, users report a hit of sweet citrus mixed with a discreet diesel taste, and upon exhaling, you can expect notes of grapefruit, pine and a subtle spice – this is a seriously moreish taste! Also, in decent light you can see the generous arrangement of orange hairs that make the nugs look like they’ve been dusted with a bit of flour or snow. It has a vibrant orange and tightly-curled array of pistils that make it look warm and inviting, but really, it’s the scent that makes this strain stand out from the crowd.

Simply open a bag or jar containing authentic NYC Diesel, and you’ll feel like you stuck your head in a tank of jet fuel. Even for cannabis it’s an unusually pungent smell, and it can be hard to experience anything like it outside of Sour Diesel – it’s closely related cousin. However, the initial musky smell is gradually overwhelmed by sweet grapefruit and lime, turning your home into a citrus paradise.

And in terms of taste, NYC Diesel is perhaps unsurprisingly not as intense as its scent – which might be a good thing! Just a few tokes, and smokers might begin to taste a mild spice and herbal flavor with an aftertaste that brings back the familiar, trademark scent of diesel.


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