Liberty Haze


Look – Long thick colas with high trichome coverage and contrasting red and purple hairs.


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liberty haze strain looks long with high trichome coverage and contrasting red and purple hairs.

Smell – Lime and sweet, nice clean citrus taste.

Taste – Distinct refreshing lime taste

Effects – Liberty Haze hits you quick and lasts a long time with an alert and euphoric cerebral high

Medical Uses – Very good for depression and social anxiety

What Is the Liberty Haze Strain?

A member of the Haze family of strains, Liberty Haze is a balanced hybrid strain known for its calming effects. Barney’s Farm originally bred Liberty Haze and it is a cross between G13 and Chemdawg 91.

The Liberty Haze strai has won a number of awards, including the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup. Liberty Haze is popular among those seeking strong cerebral effects and a long-lasting body high.

The effects of Liberty Haze take hold quickly, starting with pressure around the eyes and temple. This sensation quickly spreads throughout the rest of your body. The sudden effects of Liberty Haze can feel disorientating at first, causing you to feel as though everything is happening much faster than normal.

As your body adjusts to the effects of Liberty Haze, you notice a wave of motivation and energy. Liberty Haze has become a popular morning strain for this very reason, helping to fuel you through boring chores and long to-do lists.

The uplifting high that comes with Liberty Haze is ideal not only for motivating you to complete chores but also for helping you to look at things in a more positive light. It can also be useful in social situations to make you feel relaxed, as though all social anxiety has melted away. The conversation appears to flow naturally, with many people describing that they are able to talk about a range of topics freely.

Liberty Haze is generally not recommended during the late afternoon and evening as its energizing effects can make it difficult to wind down and fall asleep.



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