Lemon Kush


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Look – Tight light green nuggets with a good covering of crystals and orange hair patches here and there


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The Lemon Kush strain is the result of crossing the Lemon G and South American strains and is a perfectly balanced hybrid with both 50:50 Indica to Sativa genetics. It offers a creative and cerebral high, making it a great choice for artists and those in the creative industry. Tasting like bright lemons and citrus, it’s sure to wake you up and is great for energy and fatigue as well.

What Is Lemon Kush?

As mentioned above, the origins of Lemon Kush are heavily disputed, with a few variations of the supposed parent strains existing. Overall, it is agreed that this marijuana strain is a mix between the Lemon G Sativa marijuana strain and the Master Kush Indica strain, however, the brilliant breeder Alien Genetics claims their Kush is a cross between Afghan Kush and Lemon G.

The Lab Analytics 360 has tested THC ratios for Lemon Kush, determining a percentage somewhere between 16-26% on average, but of course, some batches could test a bit higher or lower. Lemon Marijuana is a 50% indica, 50% Sativa hybrid marijuana strain, the perfect balance between the two types. This ratio gives this cannabis an intriguing, fit-for-all type of high, that not only satisfies the recreational cannabis population but the medical marijuana community as well.

Even if its origins are frequently questioned, this marijuana strain’s out-of-this-world flavor and inspiring high are a constant, which can be agreed upon by just about everyone that has tasted this herbal medicine.

Lemon Kush Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

The first smell that hits your nose as soon as you open up that jar of this strain, is the pleasantly overwhelming reek of citrusy sweet lemon as if you just tore a bag of lemonhead candies. At times, the quality of the aroma can be so surprising, that it might shock you to imagine that Mother Nature alone miraculously created something that smells this aroma. When you go to break apart the bud itself, the other underlying hints of earth and musk peak through the initial citrus sensation, developing an intriguing combination that is unlike many other cannabis strains.

The flavor of Lemon Kush is also lemony and sweet with notes of spice and tang. Unlike many lemon marijuana strains, this cannabis type does not have any elements of a diesel or ammonia aftertaste, which is part of what gives it its individualistic charm. The smoke is harsh and quickly fills up the lungs, often inducing coughing due to its potent strength. This sensation seems to lessen as the strain is consumed more often and the lungs become more adjusted to its ways.


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