Lavender Kush


 This strain, sometimes referred to as Lavender Kush, has dense buds that give off a floral and spicy aroma.


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Just like the lavender plant, the Lavender Kush strain of cannabis is super calming and stress relieving. It is an Indica-leaning strain and offers its users an intense and relaxing high. It of course tastes very floral and herby, and much like the smell of lavender – so it couldn’t be better of a choice when you need to de-stress and unwind.

What is the Lavender Kush Cannabis Strain?

Lavender was initially created by the Amsterdam-based Soma Seeds, which explains its otherwise rather strange alternative name of Soma #10.

The exact genetics are a little uncertain, but it definitely has many common landrace Afghani strains in its genetic history, such as Super Skunk and Afghani Hawaiian. This mix of both Sativa and Indica elements allows Lavender to borrow a little bit of the effects from both types, allowing for a decently rich high, despite Lavender’s strong indica leanings.

As might be expected from a principally Indica strain, the first effect you are going to notice is the profoundly intense relaxation that washes over your entire body. You can expect to notice it creeping along your skin, almost like a pest, seeping into your bones and penetrating deep into your soul until you suddenly realize that you are completely relaxed.

There is a potent cerebral element that hits quite unexpectedly, coming with a powerful euphoria that propels your mind forward like a slingshot. You will feel strangely motivated, yet intensely relaxed and calm. Despite this mind high, it is the body high that will eventually prevail, causing an incredibly potent sensation of sheer laziness.

The main thing you need to watch out for while you are experiencing the Lavender high is not falling asleep. However, instead of just knocking you out cold, Lavender has a tendency to leave you just on the edge of sleep for hours at a time. Experienced users can expect this, pushing through this slight knife-edge of alertness so as to quickly and efficiently fall asleep.

For newcomers, however, it can be surprisingly confusing, as teetering on the edge of desperately wanting to close your eyes, yet still feeling that prolific sensation of awareness and mental acuity.

Do not expect to be able to accomplish any kind of task while enjoying the Lavender high, as you will not be motivated enough to achieve anything productive.

Despite this, there is a noticeable sensation of cheeriness and optimism for the future, giving you the distinct impression that not only is everything going to be alright, but you will eventually be able to handle it, no matter what it ends up being.

For now, though, it is probably best if you fall asleep.

Of course, like with many other strains that have an Afghani background, it is not just the strong effects that people seek them out for, but also their unique flavor profiles.

So, does Lavender smell and taste like its namesake, or does it have something special?


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