Asteroid OG


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The Asteroid OG strain is an OG Kush hybrid that can be found throughout southern California. Like many OG strains, it can be a great option for patients in need of serious stress relief.


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Asteroid OG has a mysterious unknown origin that its breeders in Southern California are keeping locked uptight. We know it has a high THC average though, of anywhere from 23% to 30%, and a slight Indica-dominance (60/40). Asteroid explodes in creamy mint and nut flavors as you sink into your couch and begin to buzz. We promise we won’t make any “out of this world” jokes. But we can’t promise that an Asteroid OG high won’t make your brain feel probed by piney alien hands. Floral, earth, mint, and citrus coerce you into falling asleep so Asteroid OG can study your reactions. It’s not for the faint of heart – it’s for the fainted.

Before you’re brain-dead in the Asteroid OG euphoria, you’ll notice the grape-looking green nugs and amber trichomes, frosty and thick. The taste hints of mint and citrus, with other flowers and herbs, tastes like a cocktail of essential oils, with a base of creamy, almost nutty flavors and a sour aftertaste. Experienced users – we recommend it only if you know you’re way around a strong high – love tasting its piney herbs, which may not be exactly what you’d expect from a strain with OG Kush in its lineage.

Asteroid OG is a great medicating strain, perfect for people looking for a deep-seated catharsis, an escape from stress or depression. The relaxation hits you hard, rushing into your brain at first with uplifting euphoria, and then locking you to your couch and sedating you like nobody’s business. Those who have to deal with an uneven mood in conjunction with conditions like PTSD and OCD can use it to find solace. Chronic stress sufferers love how the strain punches you out with a pleasing fist of forest fragrance.

More Details About Asteroid OG

We recommend Asteroid OG for evening use since you’re bound to be asleep after a little while, especially if you’re less experienced. First, you’ll feel your heart beating faster and your head buzzing. Even your legs and hands will tingle a bit. You’re very unlikely to get anything done on an Asteroid OG high. Unless you count soothing feelings of paranoia, compulsion, and stress as “doing something.”

And why shouldn’t you? After a stressful week, zoning out into space may be just what you need. This powerhouse strain will make you dizzy if you’re not prepared, but for those who relish its mind-altering effects for their mood disorders or their sleep issues, putting yourself to sleep by letting an asteroid crash into your brain could be just what you need.



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